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IIS, Inc. focuses on the sensor technology, instrumentation and software for bridge health monitoring system, automation and control industry. IIS provides standard and design-on-demand product and system, field installation and maintenance service. It is a leading company in EM technology and real-time health monitoring system.


                 EM sensors installed in many different infrastructures in the world.

IIS, Inc. was founded in 2005. The founder of the company have been involved in which are supported by government agencies and private owners. Kishwaukee Bridge project initiated the transformation from health monitoring concept to a real application. Zhanjiang Bay Bridge project in China further allows us to perfect our monitoring technology both in hardware and software package. We therefore standardize a bridge health monitoring system for bridges. In sensor technology, DSI adoption of EM sensor technology in their anchor system applied on Penoscot Cable-stayed Bridge. Several major cable companies worldwide have approached us for the adoption of our technology into their patented cable post-tensioning systems. Wireless sensors for rapid inspection and measurement of bridge health were also developed. In short, we have many achievements in the past few years; these accomplishments have been recognized both nationally and internationally. A lot of experiences have been gained and accumulated through projects over the years. We are on the early stage of market on advanced sensor technology and health monitoring of infrastructures. Our effort has a tremendous and long-lasting contribution to the field of sensor technology and health monitoring, and will undoubtedly have a great effect on maintenance, system reliability, and overall cost since it enables use of a condition based rather than time-based maintenance schedule for bridges and structures in general.

We envision the dominance and leadership role of the EM technology and structural health monitoring and inspection market through our innovation, quality products and service. Not only being at cutting edge of technology, our technical support and product design-on-demand plays an important role in promoting IIS in the market.  We provide quality product and guideline in their application. We have the capability to provide our product in a timely fashion.  Our technical supporting team helps to design and to finish the project. Our package in health monitoring technology both in hardware and software is also in a leading position for future market as attested through many existing projects and future projects. We have the ability to design and assemble a health monitoring system for a major bridge or structures timely after initiation of a contract. We have the ability to develop new products for meeting customer requirement in a timely fashion.